Goose Creek - America’s Best, Guaranteed.

The main principles of the Goose Creek brand are safety, which means, above all, the quality of the ingredients from which the candles are made. Candles do not contain any harmful ingredients and their wicks are lead-free and made of 100% cotton. Another principle of Goose Creek is direct production in the USA, because this is the only way the brand ensures the quality and safety of its candles. The fragrances are designed in the USA by Goose Creek itself and the strength of the fragrance is the biggest selling point. So when you burn Goose Creek candle, the throw is strong and fragrance is pleasant. Last but not least, the price of Goose Creek candles is undoubtedly much lower than the competition. Give it a try and see if Goose Creek can convince you.

Burning time approx. 150 hours.