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Candles on sale and new scents

Currently, we have an amazing promotion on our Bath & Body Works candles. For an unbelievable 21,90 EUR, you can indulge in the hottest scents that will transform your home into a cozy paradise. The original price of 27,50 EUR has now been reduced just for you!

🌸 Make an unforgettable impression with our new scents from Bath & Body Works! Introducing CALYPSO CLEMENTINE, PINK SUEDE, BALLET NIGHTS, and SATIN SLIPPERS - four amazing fragrances that will enrich your daily body care routine. Each of them brings an irresistible blend of exoticism, romance, and elegance.

🍊 CALYPSO CLEMENTINE: Brighten your day with fresh citrus tones and sweet melon.

💖 PINK SUEDE: Wrap yourself in tenderness and delicacy with this romantic blend of rose, sandalwood, and vanilla.

🎀 BALLET NIGHTS: Step into a world of fairytale elegance with this sensual fusion of jasmine, orchid, and musk.

🩰 SATIN SLIPPERS: Immerse yourself in luxury with the smooth combination of vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood.

These new scents are available in the form of body creams, fine fragrance body mists, shower gels, and other products, ensuring refreshing care for your body. Let yourself be enchanted by these beautiful fragrances and indulge in an unforgettable experience every day! 🌺