We hope you are having amazing end to a wonderful Summer!

As the saying goes - better late than never. Packages full of summer products that we ordered in May are slowly being delivered to us since the carrier lost our packages and then found them again yaaay! We are obviously very sorry that we were not able to stock the summer scents at the beginning of summer, however the beautiful scents like BERRY WAFFLE CONE or SPICED VANILLA CUPCAKE will surely make someone happy even in this not-so-hot weather.

There are new scents of Candles, Shower gels as well as large number of fragrances to choose from the Wallflowers. You can get hold of new limited scents for men such as HERO, CHAMPION and LEGEND. We have stocked everything in small quantities, so if you are very interested in these limited editions we advise you to grab them before they are gone.

The most popular scents of Body lotions and Body creams are back in stock. They were sold out for some time.

As for another brand, you can look forward to amazing scents from italian luxury brand Millefiori MILANO, products are going to be stocked up throughout the next week.

Let´s hope that the weather is going to get better and beautiful Autumn is ahead of us.