Or has it already arrived? We will leave the decision up to everyone of you :)

You must have noticed the news in our e-shop, and before we got up to write this news after the weekend, most of the winter scents are gone and you keep asking when are we going to stock up on candles.

So we stocked the winter collection with a large number of products. Foam hand soaps, hand creams, merry holders for antibacterial gels and holders for your car scents, 3-wick candles, Wallflowers refills and car fragrance, and especially original Bath & Body Works gift sets that will surely make happy everyone you love on a christmas day.

We have listed just about everything and we already have other exciting new products on the way, those are going to arrive within 2 weeks.

Our advice is, light a candle at home just for joy and don't let the cold weather and early twilight spoil your good mood :)