Bring home the atmosphere of the islands with this fruity tropical scent of passionfruit, ripe kiwi and juicy pineapple. More

Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works Product code: VW0068

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A scent that welcomes you home! Combine it with your favorite Wallflower holder, which is sold separately, and let it fill the room with a strong scent that will last for weeks.

Instructions for use:

  • Open the Wallflower by turning the lid clockwise and insert it into the holder by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Keep the Wallflower holder inserted in a socket in a vertical position.
  • For sockets that are not adapted for the vertical position, there is a swivel plug on the Wallflower holder that allows you to select the vertical position of the holder.
  • Keep a space of 30 cm above the end of the Wallflower holder to prevent damage to the surrounding area.

Holders for wallflowers can be found here:

24 ml