How do you fill your home with an endless scent without end to it? Well, with the help of the Wallflower electric holder from Bath & Body Works which you plug it into a socket  and a fragrant refill of your choice that will perfume your home in an instant.

The first step is to choose the refill for the holder. We know it's hard to choose, but that's the beauty - the unlimited choice. From fresh to floral, woody to fruity, there is a scent for every mood. It's time for the fun part - finding the right holder decoration for your electric Wallflower scent. You can choose the one that corresponds to the style of your interior, which suits the current season, or the one that stands out completely. The third and final step is to plug the Wallflower decoration together with the scent into a socket and inhale the beautiful scent you have chosen for your home. And now, every time you enter the room, you will be greeted by a long-lasting scent.